World Cruises 2025 / 2026

Booking a World Cruise would have to be one of the most exciting things you could do in a lifetime. The chance to sail away into the sunset on a global journey is high on the list of many. No doubt there are many questions you'll need to ask yourself before choosing such a lavish holiday but thankfully our team of cruise experts are here to help guide you through that once in a lifetime dream cruise.

A world cruise is now a very viable option for couples, families, friends, and singles who want to explore above and beyond what a flying experience can offer. The chance to sail the seas on a slower journey in the comfort of your own cabin is an attractive option. You'll experience long-lasting memories and a holiday that can extend for more than a hundred days. You'll experience extraordinary entertainment, expose your palate to various cuisines from all over the world, all in luxurious surroundings in some of the most envied locations across the globe.

When was the first world cruise?

The first successful around the world cruise occurred in 1922 when Britain's Cunard Line sent RMS Laconia on its maiden voyage. The cruise visited 22 ports over 130 days. Since then, world cruises are the epitome of cruising and cruise liners are continuously trying to set new standards.

Today, cruise liners offer different types of world cruise packages either as a full around the world cruise or in world sectors. World sector examples include Auckland to Southampton, Auckland to Singapore, or San Francisco to Brisbane. Prices have become very competitive and more affordable than ever before.

What are the main requirements for a world cruise?

Experiencing that once-in-a-lifetime cruise, you'll need to have the basics - time and money.

A world cruise is not like your common short holiday cruise where you spend seven days to a month at sea. Here, you are literally going to see the globe in its entirety. That means days and days at sea.

How long does a World Cruise take?

A relatively short world cruise will take around 106 days. So if you are planning to go on a longer world cruise, you'll have to allocate more time.

How much does a World Cruise cost?

Prices vary however you can pay anywhere between $25k NZD to $90k NZD.

Who offers the Best World Cruises?

The most popular World Cruises are with Princess Cruises and Cunard. With affordable prices and comfortable ships the main attraction. More luxurious options are available with Seabourn and Regent Seven Seas.

How do I book a World Cruise?

You can search our cruise finder using "World / Sector" as the destination, or give one of our consultants a call on 0800 664 432.

Best World Cruise Deals

Here's a selection of itineraries to whet your appetite!