New Years Eve Cruises 2024 / 2025

Stuck for things to do on New Years Eve? A cruise holiday is certainly an exciting option. One of the widely celebrated holidays of the year, revellers worldwide look for new ways to celebrate the changeover to the new year ahead. Think of the benefits of joining friends or family onboard a mega liner:

Why take a New Years Cruise

  • No waiting in queues at overcrowded bars and clubs.
  • No need to spend your hard earned cash at overinflated prices in restaurants. Enjoy one of the many all inclusive restaurants onboard.
  • Enjoy a stage show where you won't have to pay well above standard pricing just because it's new years.
  • No checking out of hotels early in the morning, you can sleep in and enjoy your new years day heading to your next amazing destination.
  • Families and friends can travel as a group. Solo cruisers can enjoy some private time away or mingle with new friends.

Find the Best New Year Cruises

At Crazy Cruises your next cruising holiday is few clicks away. Sail out of New Zealand or combine an airfare with our fly cruise to Australia, the Caribbean or Mediterranean. Cruises over the New Year period sell quickly and itineraries are limited, so plan ahead and kick off the New Year in style. Cruise liners such as P&O, Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Princess are sure to have a cruise for you.