Princess Cruises is one of the largest cruise liners in the world taking guests to all corners of the globe. Princess has an itinerary to suit most tastes and budgets with short cruises from Auckland to Picton and the Bay of Islands to epic voyages and world cruises. Princess Cruises from Auckland to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane with are a popular choice for Kiwi's. Our long list of itineraries also includes Fly Stay cruises where parts of your holiday are enjoyed in the air as well as at sea. The packages also include short hotel stays where you'll get to experience more for your dollar.

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Where does Princess Cruise to?

Princess have a huge number of itineraries across the globe. While Australia and New Zealand cruises are popular choices, you can also sail with Princess to Hawaii, in Alaska, the South Pacific, Japan, Asia, the USA, Europe, the Caribbean and more. Your choice is only limited by time and budget. With Crazy Cruises you'll find a wide range of Princess Itineraries however we specialise in cruises in New Zealand and Australia. We also have a range of sales throughout the year where you can save your precious dollars.

Princess Fleet of Ships

Princess Cruises has a large fleet across the globe, in fact they have a total of 18 ships. Sailing from Australian ports you'll find cruises departing Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth throughout the year. Some of the ships you'll see in our local shores include the following:
  • Majestic Princess - Majestic is Princess's newest ship sailing mostly from Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. She'll take you on a variety of interesting itineraries throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the South Pacific.
  • Sun Princess - Sailing mostly from Brisbane and Perth she cruises around Australia and can be seen often in ports such as the Whitsundays, Cairns, Perth, Albany, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart and Sydney. She also visits international ports in Asia and Alaska
  • Sea Princess - She can be found sailing in Australian ports such as Sydney, Brisbane, Fremantle, and Cairns to name a few. Regular guests love her comfortable vibe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in the fare?

With Princess your fare includes all accommodation, meals throughout the day (including the 4 course dining rooms), 24-hour room service and of course endless activities and entertainment options.

Are children welcome?

Yes, in fact Princess have lots of facilities and activities onboard for children. There are some restrictions though. Infants must be at least 6 months old at time of embarkation before they are allowed to sail. On longer trans-ocean crossings and remote itineraries with more than 2 days of sailing children need to be at least 12 months old.

Can I use my Mobile Phone and is Wifi Internet Included?

Mobile phone service is available when the ship is at sea if your mobile phone provider has the available access within the region. Internet Wifi can be purchased onboard through Princess's wireless network and within the 24-hour onboard Internet Cafe. Please note that internet services may be slow due to the service being provided by satellite.

Do I need Travel Insurance?

It is advised that all passengers obtain appropriate travel insurance. A case where you or your friends or family requires an air ambulance emergency while at sea could cost you thousands. Obtaining travel insurance would set your mind at ease.